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Thick Skin

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Poetry
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Broke the spines of flesh tomes like sticks
As thick as thieves they got their tricks

Spinning a web until you/re caught
The one route out is only bought

She sold my soul so I would stay
Ain/t so easy the better way

Quick to start but slow to begin
It/s hard to move restricted skin


My Blue,

I’m so sorry I know not what I do

Whatever this dark relapse cancer; black

How you could only get me to react

To dead things you attempted to bring back

I’ll scrape & claw through hell just to say that

Love laughs when life lives & like Lazarus

We bear witness to the grace of our GOD

Hope delivers a miracle that gives

Perhaps the happiness you seemed to miss

Lost in a blink & traded for a nod


My Blue,

How many times to tell you I am through

It really doesn’t matter what we do

Though I once swore I’d stick to you like glue

I’m now sorry that I ever knew you

Onto others as they’ve done onto you


My Blue,

I’m so sorry that I used to be me

& now too weak to allow you to leave

& now it’s so hard for you to believe

That hands so soft played such a part in this

Creating another life of sickness

Though we already know the excuses

The years of pain & vertigo circles

That social life always induces

Revolving psychological abuses

Onto others as they’ve done onto you


My Blue,

Though not every word we said were true

We’re sorry whatever we did to you

Her lips have turned asphyxiated-blue

His thoughts are projections of shades of blue

Look now as heaven slowly turns dark blue