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crowded city

Stuck, thinking
to my self
it/s not worth the pain
though some moments
are an even exchange
those that chance
the bluest flame
in fact
by will alone I
rearrange to assimilate
following her scent
crawling on our knees
yet, don/t repent
finding God
to lose my self
to have someone
to find
discovery reminds
that levitation
is occurring
dropping feet
back on the ground
do not want
to turn around
will walk away
like it is
not happening.


It will hurt me
more than
it will hurt heR

I love her
because i know
she loves me
for who I am
though she
said iT

I feel her
when she breathes
as she smiles
when she leaves
stays a while
grabs a hold
will not let gO

In love
with being
in lovE

So goes this
through soft skin
love can save us
but not all
only some

Only some
but not all
love can save us
through soft skin
so goes this

In love
with being
in lovE

Will not let go
grabs a hold
stays a while
when she leaves
as she smiles
when she breathes
i feel heR

Though she
never said it
for who i am
she loves me
because i know
i love heR

It will hurt her
more than
it will hurt mE

another grind
this friction fractures
reduces us
to mere fractions
of former selves
hoping for glimpses
simple smiles
such a puppet
with different
people pulling
tangled strings
these strings she
somehow seized
& cut me free
we want forever
but momentary
rather than never
picture p3rfect
we can/t shatter
what we can/t hold
truth be told
it/s the emptiness
that breaks you
overtakes you
mistakes you
the sadness
& draining
sustains me.

Whenever you
want to be
you I/ll be
there for you
only if
you want me too
sick of it
tired & blue
same old shit
through & through
somehow knew
there I am
waiting for you.

0 or 100

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Poetry
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They say
time heals
as we pass
through the day
in future far
though the scar
is there
& we still care
may bring suffering
but some things
can/t let go
rather suffer pain
than to have
never known
all pass on
for true freedom
some more than others
miss you brother
never think we don/t
remember how
the cold creeps in
every November.



Her body circles my mind
like a shark
like the stars

Swirl around
the galaxies

/round a drain

Scar my self
for f
to keep her

Pick her up
carry the pain
buried inside

But we know

Never will

Things be the same

Between us


Let breathe
let try
let be
let die

Let leave
if there
 do return
still care
will burn

 /lot more to poetry
than mere words;
no matter how
the verse
can/t be real
if truth
doesn/t hurt