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Let me be free
I’ll trade my cellphone & laptop
For a spear & loincloth
Let us go back
To those archaic times
Of tribal conflicts
& the great hunt
Let the buildings fall to ruin
The population dwindle
The bureaucrats lose their power
Strength & character are our GOD
Not material wealth

The boys of the Bear clan
We will run & stalk
As the girls of the Eagle clan
Gather & cheer
Our return to camp
With the great kill

No bills
No genetically modified diseases
No phony media monitoring


A shout breaks me from reverie. I’m sitting on a curb, covered in grease and grease burns.

HEY, what are you doing?
A cop shouts to me from his police car stopped three feet from the curb upon which I sit.

Waiting to go back into work. I’m on break.
But I want to say,
I’m working. I know it must seem strange to a public OFFICIAL such as yourself, that there are still some people who have to work at jobs that do not entail driving around in air-conditioned vehicles and harassing taxpaying citizens. Yes good sir, some of us have to work to pay for your pensioned salary.
But of course, I do not.

You got any identification?


He throws his car in park and his driver side door open. He grabs the door frame to help hoist his corpulent body out the vehicle.

Apex predators these days.