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are the ends,
of the ties,
that we found.



becomes scarce,
the further,
we abscond.



with no wind,
can’t begin,
without fare.



& just past,
the dead last,
in nowhere.



stale crying,
just passing,
empty times.



for more life,
as we vie,
with these rhymes.



when we fly,
staying high,



as we pair,
just to bear,
through the straights.

©2012 zenspeak9 publications un/incorporated

I have convalesced with the best

You can see my footprints

Across the Margate Sands

Yet, somehow lived to bear witness

To Eliot’s Waste Land

What I’ve known I now believe

The poetry of dying becomes a thing of beauty

Agnostic letters forming the words of Gods

An archaic language still spoken fluently

By dreaming the dead dreams of desolation

Obtained my own house of pain

But I must set adrift from this harbor of shame

To be released from the benediction of being alive

A blessing not always guaranteeing life

I must reside where death can be an inspiration

No longer vainly, I commit suicide for spirituality

By traversing through the means of verse

I descend into limbo & purgatory

Where there is NOTHING divine

In this dark comedy

Only the “comfort of being sad”

Accompanied by the ramblings of the insane

Schooled by the inherited sins from an absent dad

Circling the seventh circle with Cobain

Soulless souls lost in this abyss

Nodding down to number nine

Where politicians preach with the nationalists

Which makes me recall Ezra’s influence

Allowing me to see where I once was blind

The power of the prodigal son returns

As a life renewed begins to surge

Call out to the forgotten kingdoms of heavenly affluence

Granting the power to resurrect thyself

Baptised by fire; my own sins I will purge

I ascend from the circles

Back to this land of the truly lost

The entombed fabrication of commercial reality

Where every act of love has its cost

Here I find myself amongst

A manifestation of manufactured identities

That I once gravely mistook for individuality

So soon it is that I curse my return

Sometimes a journey so dark

Can illuminate where fear finds its rest

Thus granting a great passion to kings

Generating the songs of which the poets sing

Seeking an eternal reward with little avail

We all must pursue this empty quest

While we search for our Holy Grail

Those loves lost too soon; leaving

For the shores of Avalon

I draw from its waters

To extinguish my infernal burns

I gently gather my ashes

From the lands they’ve been scattered

Collecting them in a Grecian urn

Fire of the Phoenix pt.2

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Poetry
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There will be a day

When this forgetful world remembers me

After it leaves me for dead

Before washing me out in the salted sea

As for the nearly now

The journey begins & it’ll end back home

Don’t regret the pain I’ve said

The poems fuel the fire of my black tome

Thawing time’s trivial tears

This is the year to reap the pain I’ve sown

Felt the always growing pangs

But I’ve never learned & I’ve never grown

Somehow; Someway

Something blessed me to still barely breath

I’ve embraced those ghosts

That would always haunt the homes I’d leave

My darling fire is dying

She whispers that there is just one thing

That must be burned

Before this blackened air begins rising

I must ignite myself

A suicide of the dark soul so I can live

Tragedy of my wasted time

A tragic time that was never mine to give

The unforgivable sin

That cultivates hate & never creates love

So here I stand at the cliff

Whit just one request for a tender shove

As I finally fall

I vicariously watch my self go

Along with the hesitation

That would never let me go so I could grow