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I love my city and I every day I watch a little more of it burn away.

It’s said the world is a stage and I’m but an actor in a play.

I want a new disguise.

Tired of these tired-old lies.

But I am really happy for these guys.

A real show of hands.

Finding a way to profit under any type of circumstance.

And all the jobs this suffering creates.

Yeah… it’s great.

But people are dying here.

Bombarded with mongered fear.

With no clear destination.

But that is what happens when you let yourself be taxed without representation.

We nodded off at the wheel.

We missed out on the new deal.

We got kicked in the gut.

But now we’re waking up.

Little by little returning to grace.

It took us awhile to develop a different style of syntax to articulate this new kind of treachery being perpetrated upon the human race.

Thieves nailed next to Jesus.

They got us.

Slaves in a machine.

We’ve been sold our own dreams.


Enjoy it for it won’t happen again.

Everyday a few more thieves are raised from the dead.


Many try

To pick the locks she lay

& though I seem lost

I follow signs to lose my way

I believe there exists a key

To a dead bolt so complex

Never cease

Hence, the desperate attempts

Becoming a figment of forever

Reduced to ashes

A never say never

An odd feather on the phoenix

There was a time I’d die

For my dark queen

Of dismally dying suns

Her obsequious servants

Are like collapsing stars

Imploding gravity of lives

Her physiology generating

A scent so intoxicating

No thought of depth of descent

Give this devil her due

For we know her ends

Yet, we suffer her abuse

How many times

Must we prepare ourselves to die

Change our self like an accent?

Heavy & alone

Upon ascent

A sad sack of flesh & bone

Maybe there will be a day

When this forgetful world remembers me

After leaving me for dead

Before washing me out in the cold sea

& as for the now I say

The journey begins & ends back home

Don’t regret the words I’ve said

Every one recorded in my black tome

Time thaws time’s trivial tears

Spring/s the season to reap the harvest sown

I always felt the growing pangs

But I slowly learned & I’m under grown

Somehow, someway, someday is near

& something blessed me to barely breath

& bars snapped & things didn’t seem so strange

But it’s my home & I’m scared to leave

Stop breathing air so she

Will be unable to catch breath

Stay strong while she’s dying

& pray for her silent death

While begging for your life

Sitting alone

With just the tick-tock

Thoughts & bones

& the doors I lock

Just send me away

Back to the white sands

Just give me one day

A day in my own hands

They got so much to say

Policed like a road block

Head will one day lay

On greener lands

Tired of the concrete

Weighing heavy

Upon my feet

The cracks in the street

Their steady drum beat

You see;

I got this disease,

Of being hungry,

Of living;

If you call living,

On your knees

I want it all

All to burn

& I wont be happy

Till I get my turn

Burn out the retinas

Of my shifty eyes

So I can recognize

So I finally realize

The weakness of these lies

This pathologically contagious disease

Rise, rise

Phoenix burn

Rise, rise

From your scarred knees

©Carl Paul Henneman

A Thing of Beauty

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Poetry
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It is as if,

she was poured in

her dark-smooth skin.

I couldn’t imagine

a more perfect fit.

I am helpless,

before her;

like a flower,

forever turning,

toward the sun.

Rise pt.2

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Poetry
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Hear you tell a good story

I guess, forget my memory

…now I remember

Seeing either the back of you

Or the back of your hand

Never a good look at the face

There will be no fair trial for you

The police sketch I’ll trace

I am awake

I can still see the pictures hanging

Feel them looking down on me

The air so clean, so quiet

So deceiving

Hiding horrors while fans just echo

Listening; knowing sleep would be soon

And that room

Never forget that room

I am awake

Remember being strapped down

In a room with no windows

Save for one on the door

Covered by a piece of paper

Blank and taped and

Secured from the other side

A doctor finally came

He had a real colorful tie

I am awake

And the fever that builds and burns

Everything; incinerating

Everything, in its wake

Can not even speak its name

Once exorcised

Its reach is legion

For a mighty foe I have made

Fear will give it reason

I am awake

And the anxiety that crashes from crescendo

Living; running; knowing

Any moment may be the last

Breath breathed freely

And they’re never far behind

But you can’t stop

Like the power of Christ compels you

Better off in the padded room

Nothing but time to think it through

I am awake

The concrete madness

Of thieves and rapists and murderers

And a guy that tried

To staple children to the floor

A wonderland where everyone is a maestro;

A virtuoso; connoisseur of the cuisine

Friendships reduced to potato chips

Where all there is, is a dream

I am awake

Damn… it’s gotten so hot down here

Time to take a dive and try to live

And to think it is so simple

Getting what you give

Forgiveness had me riddled

Tear it down for everyone’s sake

We all will give

What we all will take

I am awake

Cursed with words as we descend

But now I am awake

And by these words we shall ascend

For now I am awake