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Witness this human condition
Within these places we reside
Depression from their recession
Can no longer believe our eyes
The pseudo-social services
Are all like, fuck you, now pay me!
To be fair, all our hands are tied
By economic slavery
Dreams we have traded for these lies

A heavy heart we have carried
& we/re buying more suicide
In such a rush to be buried
A life to help you slowly die
Directed through televised lies
Tricked by godless politicians
They who rewrite funeral rites
Illusions to help us believe
That we even have any rights

The real question will always be,
whether there will ever be,
a re-collection of the mythical realization of life’s true miracles that reality manifests itself from?

All of us,
family in spirit,
carrying within,
an all-informing mythos that compels life to live.

We are not many cells,
with but one function,
co-existing in several bodies.

We are many cells,
in one body,
with different functions that give purpose to our existence.

We are easily dazzled by I-phones and nice cars,
like crows with shiny things;
every time we applaud such things,
we silently mourn the death of our spirit.

We must not measure the worth of a life with material standards.

A REAL love for your self will lead you to love others.

…ME thinks.

Let me be free
I’ll trade my cellphone & laptop
For a spear & loincloth
Let us go back
To those archaic times
Of tribal conflicts
& the great hunt
Let the buildings fall to ruin
The population dwindle
The bureaucrats lose their power
Strength & character are our GOD
Not material wealth

The boys of the Bear clan
We will run & stalk
As the girls of the Eagle clan
Gather & cheer
Our return to camp
With the great kill

No bills
No genetically modified diseases
No phony media monitoring


A shout breaks me from reverie. I’m sitting on a curb, covered in grease and grease burns.

HEY, what are you doing?
A cop shouts to me from his police car stopped three feet from the curb upon which I sit.

Waiting to go back into work. I’m on break.
But I want to say,
I’m working. I know it must seem strange to a public OFFICIAL such as yourself, that there are still some people who have to work at jobs that do not entail driving around in air-conditioned vehicles and harassing taxpaying citizens. Yes good sir, some of us have to work to pay for your pensioned salary.
But of course, I do not.

You got any identification?


He throws his car in park and his driver side door open. He grabs the door frame to help hoist his corpulent body out the vehicle.

Apex predators these days.

This money is not gonna/ flip

Before this apocalypse hits

Revelations are never televised

& here our lives are

In hock to the divine

All the world/s gold

Won/t decrease that debt/s size

Wealth, no matter the cost

Leaves the soul lost

Turns the blood cold

Buying & selling suicide

Need a new drug to mainline

Break barriers that divide

Facilitates genocide

Builds walls to confine

Indiscriminate & color blind

Let that archaic hatred finally subside

John Lennon said,

Give peace a chance,

Before being shot from behind

He/d say it again if he had not died

Remember the call for revolution #9?

Imagine imagination

The only essential

Material wealth is but detrimental

Our mental is what needs to flip

Before this apocalypse hits

It breaks you down; giving so much of yourself away to someone that could care less about you in return. However, I dealt out a lot of that kind of thing during the bad years; so, I chalk it up to karma. Still it hurts. I read so many similar, disgruntled posts. Which gets one wondering, if we’re all so upset about being treated like shit, who are all these people dealing out the shit? I assume it is us all just taking turns on each other.

Which brings me to the most simple, yet the ultimate commandment of the New Testament: to love one another.

I’ve been looking and I can’t find one thing that says to only love people who don’t have substance abuse problems, or that have money, or believe in the same thing that you do, or are not gay.

In fact, I may be wrong, but I can’t find one thing in from the traditional Gospels that Jesus said against homosexuality. And I am not talking about the writings of Paul, or any of the latter letters from the New Testament, just what Jesus said. He did speak a lot about sexual immorality (the better to go with one eye lesson). I’m not saying he supported it. But he didn’t target gay activity specifically. If anyone can find anything in the three Coptic Gospels, I’ll change my stance.

As far as Paul goes, he also said that a woman should never be in a position of authority in a congregation and that a woman must always wear her hair long to cover her face in shame for the original sin of Eve.

The Old Testament did say a lot about homosexuality. But it also treated slaves as private property, was in favor of genocide, labeled a woman as unclean if she spilled a drop of menstrual blood, and any man that discharged a drop of semen that wasn‘t intended to conceive was also to be considered unclean.

I am talking about the new law, not the old.

When Jesus was asked how better to follow him, he said, sell ALL of your belongings and give the proceedings to the poor.

Try selling that one to this Black Friday culture.

Never mind that hungry homeless guy you drive by on your way to work everyday. Just worry about swear words and the Ten Commandments being posted everywhere. Leave the big things to the big boys.

Western Civilization has taken the teeth out of Christianity. Little by little, we lose credibility because of hypocrisy.

If you agree with any of this, start getting ready for the holidays. The Mahoning County Rescue Mission needs a lot of help for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Their funding is being cut left and right. Last year was a nightmare for them.

It is hard to love one another, it may be impossible, with so much hate in the heart. I’d do well to remember that.

We’re all dopamine fiends
Squeaky-toy-clean society
Being all that we can be
By any means necessary
Heroin chic & dead sexy
All hail brain candy
Forget dismal journeys
& scorched paths of misery
Tracked by authorities
Entrap/d easily
Only pay mind to fantasies
Dead celebrities & rehab wealthy
Have you loved your T.V. lately?
Growing poverty
Behind door number three
Incarceration recovery
Jailhouse divinity


I knew you were blue
I knew you were down before you fell
I knew you
Over the cuckoo’s nest one flew
Here to tell you; you can to


Back in some lame
Second-rate-state therapy
Drop-out-spoon-fed-social worker
Dime-store psychology
Antipathy; Apathy
Raped by this voracious machine
Raped by community college degrees
There for a check; judging
How /bout a little authenticity
Let’s come back through three
In three
& watch both their arms bleed
Cuz ‘who here buys the dreams
T.V. rehab is selling
People are not private profits
Or private property
Un-privatize prisons
Yeah…there’s a war on drugs
& a lot of people are dying
I hear we‘re losing
I hear it’s the blind
Leading the blind
In pursuit of dollar SIGNS
And the disconnected reality?
Who we believe; what we dream
Fed intravenously via M.T.V.
Rehabilitated dreamers supposed to be
Dreaming of coupons redeemed
& register beeps
Who dares dream out loud?
No questions when nothin/s allowed
Nobody steps forward
For fear of a scene
Better know thy enemy
They’ll drag you on your knees
Till they smell you bleed


I know what happened
I know what they did
How you asked for their help
Two weeks before you died
They said they didn’t have a bed
Before collecting donations
From family & friends
After you lay dead


Just tell the doc that I am broken
Galvanize synapses
Readjust after relapses
Rework fried circuits
For I twitch
& I am sick
Sick of myself
Sick of being sick
Of everyone else
I’m on my knees
So where is this GOD?
Children are suffering
They’re on their knees
Suffering patiently
Passing the sick time learning
The truths we know
From the lies we learn
Set the self on fire & let it burn
Don’t know what your seeing
Stop collaborative effort
Silencing expression
Twisted rendition
Convoluting & deforming
The meat plow
Paving the streets with junkies
Pharmaceutical cash cow
Competitive markets
Capitalize on the weak
& cannibalize the poor
Prison privatizing
Noncompliant; insane ideals
Prison number
Live stock state seals
How many more are to suffer?
They keep on pushing
The truth will reveal
We are not
What we are
Told we are
Cogs in a machine
Fulfilling unnecessary
Materialistic needs
Breathing commercials breeding
Individual identities


I often think what you thought
Can’t imagine the pain
As you gathered the rope
From you my thoughts hang


Forget rumors of 2012
Forget earthquakes & tidal waves
Mental-jail break 2013
We still haven’t recovered from 2001
Blast new blood
Through this worn highway of veins
Don’t worry about the stains
Make your own decision
To cease & desist division
Cast off the contrived
Tell someone they’re beautiful
The way they are
The way we all were
Long before being, born
Before the heart was torn
Before this bullshit we lovingly adorn
Children that shined like stars
Before the scars
The hocus pocus
B vitamin focus
On the spine breaking
The restless legs shaking
Turn off the television
It can’t light the way
Turn off the television
Revelations start today
& they won’t be televised



Some think it’s being too negative.
Like negativity is an alternate reality.
As if happiness is the ultimate reality.
& all those not in it are negative conspiratoids.
When in all reality,
it’s two views of the same reality.

Some people see Big Macs,
hot dogs at baseball games,
soda, & potato chips,
as freedom.
Others think of those things & see,
obesity in the face of world hunger.

Some think we fight wars to protect our rights back home.
Others say the people taking our rights are from back home.

All I have to say about that:
It’s all good when the good is happening to you.