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let the long hair fool you
I ain/t no hippie
I am not here to give peace a chance

I wish to bear witness
to televised revolutions
to pandemonium in the streets

I want to see this world
turned upside down
the parasitic-bloodsucking fleas
out from its fabric
those with the heart
have the strength to hang on
until the world flips
back around

For they will
be the foundation
the new world is built upon



There was once a man that lost both his legs.

Every night he/d dream that his legs were still there.

He/d be running down the streets and through the green yards of his neighborhood, as he once did, as a child.

He told me,
I have to spend the first part of every morning, forgetting the dream, no matter how real it seems, and get back on with the reality.

You must dread nightfall, for it brings the dreams,
I told him.

Quite the opposite. The fact that I might run again, though it may be a dream, is what gets me through the day, he told me.