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Witness this human condition
Within these places we reside
Depression from their recession
Can no longer believe our eyes
The pseudo-social services
Are all like, fuck you, now pay me!
To be fair, all our hands are tied
By economic slavery
Dreams we have traded for these lies

A heavy heart we have carried
& we/re buying more suicide
In such a rush to be buried
A life to help you slowly die
Directed through televised lies
Tricked by godless politicians
They who rewrite funeral rites
Illusions to help us believe
That we even have any rights

How is it one falls so in love,

with the emptiness of silence?

All these crazy ladies chasing,

after these meaningless tyrants

& this addictive time-wasting.

Welcome to the grand delusion.

Stay in line; avoid confusion.

Where no one dares to try to flee,

the nightmare we bought as a dream.

Few wild animals left to see,

prance about believing they/re free.

We/re all trapped in an urban cage.

Idolize holy-wood housewives,

distracts any worth from real lives.

Measured by an hourly wage.


Posted: December 19, 2013 in Poetry
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someway it
mends itself
heaven sends
until then

frayed nerve ends
signals bend
along with time
we stupid spend

& just praise
your lord for
an unopened tin
of suboxone.

Hard honesty
amid lies
some have trouble
even when
they try to say
is alright

here tonight
stretching skin
to snap out
of disguise
do not think
some will like
what we find.

Who will die 
place a wager
next dead sexy
Heath Ledger
skinny jeans
pleas for help
fuck you up
what most say
ain/t what it means
we are just here
to put a smile
on someone’s face
friends falling
 faster than
bombs dropped

in America’s
war on drugs

cluster fuck

prison prophets
just the products
of private profits

broke the poor
spiritually bankrupt
afford no more.

…greed shall drain all color from the human experience–


She so sad
up there on
display for
those faces
outside of
her birdcage
how she hates
that they will
never change
this town it
plays its games
for in the
day they are
just fingers
pointing blame
but in the
night not so
quick to shame
as they grace
the empty
smoky stage
while these birds
sing it stings
and hearts break
those looking
for real love
in all the

wrong strip clubs.