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It is not, what it is

You’ll never change what it is

If we did what it is we want/

Bet these guys would stop touching kids

This world makes you feel crazy

Like you’re the only one seeing this

There’s a homeless man down the street

He got no insurance; he’s real sick

Whistling while we walk by

Oughta/ give him a roundhouse kick

& it’s only getting colder

Even though the ice is getting thin

Live a life but are we living?

Heart atrophy & we’re all in

Bought the fear; just hoping for change

We all know something needs to flip

As the story/s getting older

Anticipate apocalypse

I will be what I am

No one person owns

A fail-safe identity

Write on that tape

Over your mouth

Continue to laugh

Till the truth comes out

Can keep riding this bus

But it ain’t changing its route

Don’t play a part

We never were any more

©2012 (zenspeak9 publications un/incorporated)

sketch by Eric David Lough


Ok, oookay…

How about this for a halftime show:

We fly in a bunch of starving kids from Indonesia & Ethiopia–wait… Scratch that, we got enough starving kids right here.

How about we fly in a bunch of kids from all around the States, line /em up at one end of the field, then line all the filthy-mega-rich athletes at the other end with tables stacked sky-high with Papa John/s pizzas & when Beyoncé says go, the team that gets the most pizzas to the most starving kids wins & the team that loses has to melt down all their gold jewelery & relinquish their big conflict diamonds & buy a big Subway sandwich that/d stretch all around the world so every starving kid everywhere could take a bite?

Come on people Jesus would love this idea.

You remember that guy right?

The guy a lot of you say that you follow. The guy that despised the worship of material wealth & hung out with the poor. The guy that risked life & limb to turn over the money tables in the temple.

Imagine if you took all the football players/ salaries;

all the money paid into promo spots; the slick productions of all the slick commercials; wrapped it in a big ball & threw it at something that really mattered; imagine all the people really giving a shit about each other…

Just imagine…

Not that professional sports & entertainment don/t have value. Not that people don/t deserve to get paid. But this is getting insane. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent; billions of dollars generated. It/s like sitting on the floor, looking up at a table of people feasting, grease-soaked lips, crumbs of food dropping from the corners of their mouths, & they/re all laughing at you.

Laughing at how hungry we are.

That isn/t even the crazy part.

The crazy part is, here we are applauding them, worshipping them, telling them how great they are, telling everyone you know how great they are, & when you finally get a scrap, you offer it back to them.

Dream big.

The United States of America was created to get away from this entitlement-aristocracy-royalty crap. What the hell happened? We could change things if we really wanted. They need our participation for this kind of commercial enterprise to work. People are really suffering in the real world. This is not reality. It/s definitely not my reality & if you are still reading this, it/s probably not your reality.

Man, I/m losing it…

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, there/d be peace.” John Lennon

How is it one falls so in love

With the emptiness of silence?

& these crazy ladies chasing

After these meaningless tyrants

& this addictive time-wasting

Welcome to the land of confusion

Welcome back to the grand delusion

With which we forever flee

The nightmare once thought a dream

The few wild animals left to see

Just roam about believing they/re free

Despite the trapping urban cage

Idolize holywood housewives

The absolute worth of our lives

Measured by an hourly wage

Was walkin’ in the cold the other day.

An old man came from between the buildings.

I thought he was about to ask for change.

Oh, the horror…

He was holding a real fancy box made of wood.

It had some interesting carvings.

I was going to throw my bike at him and make a run for it.

But he said something even more intriguing than the carvings

He told me he knew a secret.

He told me he could teach me this secret.


it was up to me whether or not I learned this secret.


if I knew this secret I would never know peace.

I couldn’t stop staring DOWN at the little box.

I didn’t notice all the flies.

I was transfixed.

Curiosity got the better of me.

Some of us need less convincing than others.