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the web that connects consciousness;
all of us waves,
rising and falling back into the ocean,
barely measuring on the spectrograph of time.

This world is a trip when seeing it through the eyes of a lifetime.
the opening eyes of a child.
One day seeing the difference
in those that once grew with us:
getting sick,
getting old,

Experience experiences till one day the world is different.
No longer suffice to just exist.
They say there’s little room in the world we live in.
Need reasons to justify existence.
Personal validation for years of procrastination.
We try to find something  bigger than ourselves.
Something to give us reason amid such madness.
A reason to get out of bed.
Something beyond the sadness and dread.
Some become parents.
Live for their children.
Some fall in love, use drugs, practice art.
Some fall in love with making money.
Some all the above.

You’re a big girl now.
Swimming with the sharks now,
in waters so foul.
Scarcity for some,
others abundant.
A world of have’s and have not’s.

The particulars of reality:
Does it have to be this way?
Is it even real?

A whispered din of conspiracies circles the open air.
Terrible rumors that make far too much sense.

Building a fence.
A monologue of dissent built to near psychosis.
Paranoia and schizophrenia
opening dialogues.

Intellectual mechanics tell us of not only of the possibility,
but of the probability of the existence of the multi-verse.
There’s been breathtaking theoretical mathematical formulas;
through the 21st century traversed,
rehearsed in scriptural verse.
Somehow evolution/s been reversed.
Quantum physics is the vanguard in a paradigm so flawed.
A nature that can never be divine.
In our reflections are the faces of god.
Believe it or not,
matter does not proceed consciousness.
Consciousness dictates reality.

So why is my consciousness not driving my reality?

Either there is a supernatural/divine being;
or there is another human being,
governing my reality.

I know I am real.
I believe that you are real.
That this experience we are sharing is really reality.
I have faith it is real.
Because our suffering feels real.

Why all this time imagining the intricacies of our suffering
if so easy to end and to mend?

Who has this absolute control over reality?

Let us say that my consciousness manifests my reality:
I don’t want to suffer in my reality;
I’m thinking it away right now;
yet, in my reality the pain still lurks.

But I don’t think physics is wrong.

Only my ability to manifest my reality is being vetoed by
the executive/bureaucratic/legislative powers
of someone or something other than me.
The manifestation of our reality has been hijacked.

Deep down,
we know this, man.
So why is  no one taking a stand?
Descartes gives little security, I think therefore I am?!

We need to control ourselves completely.
No amenity for the atrocities stealing from our autonomy.



New collaborations with photography, digital video, and a wonderful edition in the sound department: Tyler O’Dell

Not fully accepted by whites, not by blacks, not gay. not smart, not stupid.

No good at sports.

No group to be “labeled” in.

The culture pounding a “get in where you fit in” mentality from early development.

You feel like a freak if you don‘t fit in somewhere.


Divide and conquer.

And the junkies are always accepting applications.

Never mind the pharmaceutical industry on every corner;

every billboard,

every commercial,

offering smiles for your troubles.

Never mind the food industry pumping your dinner full of CHEMICAL additives.

Did they really think this wouldn’t change things?

Alter our physiology in some way?

There is a disenfranchised army of genetically altered mutants wandering the streets these days.

And that terrifies the system.

They can start it.

They can contain it.

They can lie to us about it.

They can throw us in PRISONS.

But they can’t CONTROL it.

I’ve been studying PHENOMENOLOGY.

You are a small part of a great-big divine consciousness.

Don’t forget that.

Maybe 2012 was the end of the world.

The end of a bullshit commercial reality fed to us intravenously through television programming.

There will be no BEGINNING without an end…


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She focuses so much on things that could happen;

She always misses what is happening.

Smokes so much she makes me want to quit.

An air of ominous doom,

Sits thicker than the smoke she exhales.

It is overwhelmingly depressing.

Anything larger than small doses,

Drives one to madness.

I love better from a distance.

I’ve heard insanity defined:

They say:

Doing the same thing over and over,

And expecting different results.

I say that’s not really that crazy.

What’s insane is doing the same thing,

Over and over,

Knowing the result,

Will be the same pain as before,

But doing it anyway.

They also say:

If you’re not a part of the solution,

You’re a part of the problem.

God, I hope that isn’t so…

I just sit and watch,

Her deteriorate and disappear.

Bit by bit…

Piece by piece…

And all I can do is alleviate.

Make her laugh.

Stress her about my crazy life.

My life,

Is performance art.