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Awareness of past stupidity motivates change, but mind the cost of forsaking the future.

There is little wisdom found in losing sight of what is ahead of you, because you can not stop looking behind you.

Talk to salt about looking back.

For everyone that cannot accept this:

     lashing with apologies.

I left Sodom and Gomorrah a long time ago.

I am not looking back.


Many may try

To pick the locks that she lay

And though I seem lost

I follow signs to lose my way

Yet, I do have one key

To dead bolts so complex

Never cease

My desperate attempts

For she is my forever

My beautiful phoenix

Reduces me to ashes

This queen of many suns

Her obsequious servants

Are like collapsing stars

Gravitating to her warmth

A physiology generating

A scent so intoxicating

I ponder further descent

I give this devil her due

For I know her ends

But I am dulled to the abuse

She weighs heavily

Upon my ascent

Saving Messiahs

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Poetry
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Lost in a sea of ambiguity

Vagueness the blanket

That envelopes me

Still and stagnant

Like the womb of being

Waiting to be born

Again and again

Drawn from a dark substance

And cast into a world

Of gravity and balance

Legs heavy and aching

Unfit for standing

For what I believe

Hearing an inner voice

Belonging to the hands

That pull me from the womb

Telling me to walk

Supporting me till I succeed

Guiding me from the warm tomb

Urging me to stay in the fight

I take a lifetime to adjust

I wipe the dirt from the mirror

I focus my sight

And gaze upon

The eyes of my savior