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As a boy I lived with the Incredible Hulk

What the other boys would give

But they know not his way

He/d just smash and sulk

Those days I had little dare

Until just recent

He was married to Jean Grey

Before she became Phoenix

Jean was having an affair

With a young Scott Summers

Hulk angry despite what he say

Smashing things

Smashing people

Smashing lovers

Didn/t see Banner much those days

& Jean would always cry

& scream out why

& drag her psychic nails through my mind

Already a stuntman

I became Batman

Plotted & contrived devices

Dug a deep cave under the madness

For years I lived in the darkness

Forgot old tears

Discovered new fears

Growing more strange over the years

You could say I became a Doctor of the Strange one day

Spoke invocations

Experienced possessions

Performed exorcisms

But I grew tired of being strange

Wanted a life out the dark

So I gathered my loot

Bought some glasses like Clark

Constructed a new suit

Red cape & all

I became Superman

& out the blue

Up,up, and away I flew

Fly like you/ll never fall