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Chaos From Order

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Poetry
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Today, I think I will die
Breathe carbon dioxide
Gargle some peroxide

Be surgically sterilized
Vaccinated for meningitis
Before being paralyzed

A nature dystrophic
So, take a psychotropic
To better commit suicide

pic by Banskey



Western civilization is an overrated group of morons.

Take cats for instance, revered from culture to culture over thousands of years, until a bunch of superstitious nuts started burning them because they thought them familiars for witches and other esoteric-archaic traditions.

The result?

Rat populations boomed, which spread the bubonic plague through Europe like wildfire. The Italians caught on to this and launched a decree that protected cats from harm. This lasted until about ten years ago, when tourists started complaining about the cats being everywhere, ripping open garbage bags and such. A real eyesore it must had been, because felines were then euthanized by the millions ever since.

The result?

Rat populations boomed once again. Now, Italy has rats the size of the small dogs which really freaks out the tourists.


It was thought that Egyptians pioneered the domestication of the breed. There was even a cat goddess named Bastet in their pantheon of gods.

But, in 2007, a 9,500 year old Neolithic grave was found that challenged that preconception, as it had a man buried next to a skeleton of a large wildcat in a venerable fashion.

English monarch Charles I, was quite distraught when his black cat passed. He was absolutely convinced that his luck had run out. The next day, he was arrested for treason.

Black cats were adopted by labor unions in the late 1800’s as a symbol of anarchy against the capitalistic system that was draining the life force from its own workers.

There is a history to this world that we would do well to remember before we trample it completely out of existence.

Personally, I think a better case could be made to euthanize certain types of humans, before murdering all the animals of the world just so we can pour concrete over the entire earth.

Hell, I can deal with a world of dogs and cats running everywhere and ripping open Hefty bags. I’m more concerned about the exploding population of bureaucratic politicians and blood sucking bankers that hold the common man to the very letter of the law while somehow thinking that same law does not apply to them.

But that is me and I am weird.

Stop animal cruelty if you are playing a part.

Direct your energy toward a child molester or a leeching politician.

Those are the real pests.